LiCHTPiRATEN is a group of visual artists, composers and programmers,
challenging the barriers between reality and perception.

All our work is intended to be live-performance.

Before each show/event, we create a concept for the visual environment as well as a composition for the music and sounds that we want to use.
This concept is more or less based on different scenes. Sometimes the scenes tell a story, sometimes it is rather abstract, really depending on the purpose of our presence and the atmosphere that we want to create.
Very important to us is the process of finding visual analogies of musical and sound parameters.

If, for example, dynamics, pitch or articulation in the sound change, there will be a real-time translation into visible forms, shapes or colors.
On the other hand, music and sounds are informed/affected by the way things look, also in real time.
In other words, our performances are strongly based on a constant bi-directional feedback process between sound- and lightwaves.

In the end, the visual and auditory space will be different each time – we start with a basic concept and form, but the compositional live aspect is a factor that depends on the atmosphere and emotions.

LiCHTPiRATEN creates immersive multimedia environments and visual systems generated in real time. The composed sounds direct the visual landscape.

With Projection Mapping we cover a real life object with projected motion graphics. A stage, car, a building or even an island.

Signature Brand Visuals will translate your corporate branding in a creative motion graphic that suits your event & delivers a new level of brand experience.

We are using Quartz Composer, ISF, Touch Designer, Cinema 4D, After FX and VDMX for creating our visual content. We use Mac Book Retina laptop, our own build Hackintosh or Mac pro for programming and live performances, Black Magic Intensity Shuttle for capturing video and live mixing and finally for audio-visual works we use several capture sound card for audio and MIDI input. For most of our audio-visual performances and installations, we are programming our visual content with ISF. Then we do all the live sequencing, adding video filters and connecting audio, OSC and MIDI signals via VDMX. Generally, our live setup contains generative visual patches programmed with Quartz Composer or Interactive Shader Format. We use video footage only for very specific reasons.
Our sound is allways composed and created by our self.
Additional we can add light with DMX or artnet into our immersive evironments.
VDMX has a great integration with Quartz Composer and lets us program custom plugins, visuals, FX and templates for our installations and live performances.
Our visuals are mostly geometric and abstract compositions inspired by nature and cosmic pattern. Using musical data and external tools ( music instruments, HID devices, sensors etc. ) takes a big part in our artistic workflow. According to those needs we are using VDMX or Touchdesigner as a hub to send and receive all the external data to process our visual content for live performances. Also, it is great to build up custom control surfaces for custom needs. VDMX and Touchdesigner are always the most popular tools.


partners & friends:

beBerlin (Paris Hotel de Ville, Tel Aviv Habima Theater, Hanoi, Buenos Aires, Bruxelles),
Stiftung Preussische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin Brandenburg,
Goethe Institut (berlindayz Tel Aviv, Hanoi, Hongkong),


visit Berlin (Warschau, Madrid, Zürich),
Festival of Light Berlin, Jerusalem, Berlin leuchtet
Adam&Eva Award Bochum,
Lufthansa, Lufthansa Systems,
Vattenfall Hamburg,

smart urban stage,
Jüdisches Museum Berlin,
paypal Partner event,
Globetrotter Opening Dresden,
Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin,
ZKM Karlsruhe 4DSound
SONY, PS Vita,
Hamburger Bahnhof,
Zeche Zollverein Essen,
Illustrative Berlin & Paris,
Designakademie Berlin,
Sophiengemeinde Berlin,
Theater Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Volksbühne Berlin
Linhardt Foundation – Prague,
Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin,
Theaterfestivals Acco-Israel, Pula-Kroatia,
NoG, Fusion, Wilde Möhre, Garbicz, Sisyphos, Wilde Renate, Kater Holzig, Bar 25, Arena Club, Dockville Hamburg, Platoon, Crack Bellmer, Luft & Liebe, Lethargy
Chaos Communication Club – Camp & Congress
Admiralspalast Berlin
Vabali Spa Berlin